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In "Sanity Razor," players take on the role of a rookie mech-pilot stationed at a defense outpost. The player will engage in combat missions against an eldritch menace while managing their sanity in and outside of combat.


Sanity Razor had it's debut at PAX:South 2016. It was a hit with many repeat players and people waiting up to 30 minutes to play it.


  • Uplink with the mech to see its body as your own. This makes combat easier, but puts you at risk of sanity eroding hallucinations.
  • If a squad mate dies in combat, they are dead for the rest of the game.
  • Hangout with personell in between missions, build rapport, investigate mysteries, and try to handle your sanity.
  • A hub world in between missions that features optional storylines that allow the player to uncover secret military programs and redacted government reports.
  • Some missions have randomized encounters ranging from nothing at all to an all out ambush to keep players on their toes.


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  • "...this space shooter looks set to be about a lot more than spacecraft combat, and it will definitely be interesting to watch this unfold."
    - , Musings of a Mario Minion

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Original Themesong
"Sanity Razor" by composer Jonathan Marlin soundcloud.com.

About Digital Precept LLC

Digital Precept is an independent Game Studio Based out of Memphis Tennessee. We seek to create unique, immersive, and engaging experiences while utilizing the forefront of technology.

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Sanity Razor Credits

Jonathan M Schrack
VR Development, Digital Precept

Craig T Herndon
Development, Digital Precept

George Pence
3D Artist, Freelancer

Jonathan Marlin
Composer & Voice Actor, Freelancer

Allen Antoine
Sound Engineer, Stalwart Audio

Francesca Coveno
Writer, Freelancer

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