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2017 Q3



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"Kung Fu: Shadow Fist" is a reincaration of the 80s & 90s arcade beat 'em up genre for the HTC Vive.


Kung Fu started as a friendly bet between Jonathan Schrack and Devitt Upkins during a meeting of the Memphis Game Developers. They both had an idea of using the Vive for a brawler type game and agreed to see who could put together a demo first. The game soon took on a life of it's own, and became Digital Precept's full focus. It debuted at Boston FIG 2016 where it received praise from everyone who played it, and launched on Steam Greenlight that same weekend. A month later, Kung Fu Shadow Fist was accepted by Steam. At PAX: South 2017, Kung Fu Shadow Fist launched in Limited Early Access on Itch.io. This is a limited key sale in order to build a small, but dedicated user group that Digital Precept could work with and receive feedback on a more personal level.


  • The HTC vive allows us to capture acceleration and speed of the players punch. This means a hard punch can do more damage than a few quick blows.
  • Use Slow-Motion to magnify the force of your punches; no need to be a professional boxer!
  • Target your strikes to an enemy's hand to Disarm them and use their weapons against them.
  • Our Shadowstep locomotion system gets you into the fight quickly without the disorientation of teleporting or the nausea of traditional movement.


Alpha Early Access Trailer YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Won a friendly wager with Devitt Upkins" Devitt paid for pizza. May 15, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "A really fun arcade brawler."
    - Kennedy, The Lifecast
  • "We got our hands on the demo level and the influence, from music to enemy design, was certainly there."

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Original Themesong
"Are you bad enough?" by composer Jonathan Marlin soundcloud.com.

About Digital Precept LLC

Digital Precept is an independent Game Studio Based out of Memphis Tennessee. We seek to create unique, immersive, and engaging experiences while utilizing the forefront of technology.

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Kung Fu: Shadow Fist Credits

Jonathan M Schrack
VR Development, Digital Precept

Craig T Herndon
Development, Digital Precept

Dezmond Gipson
3D Artist, Freelancer

Jonathan Marlin
Artist, Freelancer

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