Kung Fu: Shadow Fist

VR Arcade Beat'em Up

Kung Fu: Shadow Fist

April 26, 2016

We’re bringing the classic, Arcade brawler genre into VR! Punch your way through hordes of enemies.

  • The HTC vive allows us to capture acceleration and speed of the players punch. This means a hard punch can do more damage than a few quick blows.
  • Use Slow-Motion to magnify the force of your punches; no need to be a professional boxer!
  • Target your strikes to an enemy’s hand to Disarm them and use their weapons against them.
  • Our Shadowstep locomotion system gets you into the fight quickly without the disorientation of teleporting or the nausea of traditional movement.

We are currently doing a Limited Release Early Access over on itch.io !   Get in early for 20% off the retail price!