Dead Code

Ludum Dare 33 with the Memphis Game Developers

Dead Code

September 18, 2015

Dead Code was a Ludum Dare entry we did in part with the Memphis Game Developers. The theme was “You are the bad guy.”  Our game’s plot was you are a malfunctioning loader robot on board a space station who has erroneously decided to “clean up” all of the humans on board.

The game tries to evoke 80s slasher films in which a seemingly unstoppable foe picks off the “victims” one by one. The player takes advantage of classic movie tropes in order to accomplish this such as “If no one can see you, you can teleport anywhere that is also out of sight,” “the sight of you can paralyze a victim with fear,” and “Better split up, gang!”


Unfortunately, we misunderstood the rules  of LD and thought that ALL coding had to stop by the deadline. The rules actually state that all development must stop, you can still do bug fixes. The version on the LudumDare site is filled with little bugs like missing gun animations, floor tiles missing colliders, and odd UI quirks. If we get some down time in the future, we’ll pick it back up and fix it. A lot of this was due to us trying to procedurally generate levels. Unfortunately that never panned out, and we had burned a lot of time trying to make it work.

The project source code is located here.