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Kung Fu: Shadow Fist Alpha access overview

We’re just now recovering from Pax South 2017. Over half our team got sick but we got through it. If you’ve seen the recent upload vr article or played the game at Pax South you would know it was well worth the effort for us. We appreciate all the feedback from everyone and rest assured, […]

Maker Fair at TheCO: Post-Mortem

On October 31st, the Memphis Game Developers were invited up to Jackson, TN for the first annual Maker Faire at The CO. This time around it was only Ernest McCracken and I showing off games. He was showing the latest version of Fallen Space: Genesis, and I was showing off a technical demo of a Point&Click engine we had […]

LudumDare33 – Dead Code Post Mortem

Team Roster: Jonathan Schrack : General code Craig Herndon : Level Design Ernest McCracken : AI George Pence : 3D Modelling Devitt Upkins : Animation Support Jonathan Marlin : Music I believe this was everyone’s first year participating in a Ludum Dare. The theme this year was “You are the monster.” Brain Storm results: homage […]

Using Maven to handle Unity assets with Git or SVN

Alright. Let’s talk version control. If you have ever tried to use Git or SVN with a project that contains large files (models, textures, libraries, etc), you’ll know that Git and SVN choke on them.  They’re made to handle text files of code, and uploading and downloading large binaries just slows the system to a crawl. […]