PAX: South 2017! KungFu Private Early Access

It’s the time of year: We’re going to PAX:South!  We’ll be showing off the Alpha version of Kung Fu Shadow Fist at our booth, so come by and check it out! We’ve been cramming in long hours to polish up KungFu as much as possible for PAX. We hope you enjoy what we have so […]

Download Sanity Razor Training Demo

Alright. We have our Training level demo polished up enough for a public release. (Knock on wood.) Here is Version 0.1.1 of our Training level.  Of course the whole “This is not a final product and represents a work in progress.” disclaimer applies here. Sanity Razor: Oculus Rift Sanity Razor: TrinusVR * We also have […]

Maker Fair at TheCO: Post-Mortem

On October 31st, the Memphis Game Developers were invited up to Jackson, TN for the first annual Maker Faire at The CO. This time around it was only Ernest McCracken and I showing off games. He was showing the latest version of Fallen Space: Genesis, and I was showing off a technical demo of a Point&Click engine we had […]

Memphis Gaming Expo Post-Mortem

It’s been a while. Time to shake some dust off of this dev blog. This past Saturday, I demoed a pre-Alpha build of our game, Sanity Razor, at the Memphis Game Developers booth at Memphis Gaming Expo. This was the first year for Memphis Gaming Expo, so it was understandably small. The folks running the […]