Kung Fu: Shadow Fist Alpha access overview

We’re just now recovering from Pax South 2017. Over half our team got sick but we got through it. If you’ve seen the recent upload vr article or played the game at Pax South you would know it was well worth the effort for us. We appreciate all the feedback from everyone and rest assured, we’ve taken it to heart.

Here is a list of frustrations you’ve mentioned and that we’re currently working on improving.

  • The shadowstep accidentally gets activated. This one is due to the thumb button being hyper sensitive. I think we’re going to restrict teleportation if it’s within your walk-able distance. We’ll playing around with this so expect it to change over the next few updates.


  • It’s difficult to tell where you’ve been. Our current idea is to have the warp icons change color as you discover and travel to them to help you know where you’ve been in the level.


  •  When surrounded by a big mob, there is no way out.  For this, we are going to add some crowd control abilities to handle these exact situations.


  • I didn’t know what I was doing until my second play through. This was a common complaint. We are reworking the tutorial to make it more intuitive, thematic, and instructive.


  • The enemies were really tall. Okay, this is because our devs are tall… Over 6′ 3″. Thanks for catching this one. We are working on it but it is also the most difficult on this list since we will need to find a way to dynamically adjust our colliders on the models after resizing them. Any tiny error in this process and we get wonky physics problems.

If you would like to be a part of the feedback process, pick up the game on itch.io before the keys run out and give us your feedback on the forums. You will get all updates after and a steam key upon release. KFSF is currently for the HTC Vive but steamvr allows you to use the oculus rift. We’re not currently supporting the Rift officially.


Thanks for your feedback … we want  more of it.






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