PAX South 2017

Kung Fu released into Private Early Access
PAX: South 2017! KungFu Private Early Access

It’s the time of year: We’re going to PAX:South!  We’ll be showing off the Alpha version of Kung Fu Shadow Fist at our booth, so come by and check it out!

We’ve been cramming in long hours to polish up KungFu as much as possible for PAX. We hope you enjoy what we have so far, as I think we’ve collectively drank over 3 cases of Monster energy drink these last few months. We’re excited to show it off! Check out the bad-ass banner that local artist, Elliot Boyette, made for us! Check out more of his stuff at

This blog has been quiet, but we’ve been incredibly busy behind the scenes. We’ve expanded our team for Kung Fu, so it’s no longer a side project. It’s now our main focus here at Digital Precept!  In fact, we’re rolling out a private early access on If you’d like to be a part of the development process, you can grab a key here!

Sadly that means we’re putting Sanity Razor on ice for now. It’s an ambitious title that we want to do justice, but we when take in our scope and plans for it, the VR niche isn’t there yet. It is by no means cancelled, and some limited development continues on it still.

In other news, we’re part of a local non profit called The  Memphis Game Developers, and they just opened up a VR Co-work space in Memphis, TN! Leaveraging this, you can expect to start seeing more updates from us in a regular manner. They’re setting up a mixed reality green screen area, so in the months following PAX, keep an eye out for a new Kung Fu trailer.

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